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Where We're Located


Our San Francisco Therapeutic Massage OfficeWe are conveniently located in the historic Phelan Building at 760 Market Street, between Grant & Stockton, right at the North Market exit of the Powell Street MUNI/Bart Station—the same block as Virgin Megastore, near the Apple Store, across from the Four Seasons Hotel. We're just off Union Square and just blocks from the Financial District. MAP.



The most convenient parking for your visit to True Massage & Wellness is the Ellis/O'Farrell Garage, with entrances on both O'Farrell and Ellis, between Powell and Stockton. Alternatively, the Fourth and Mission exit of the Fifth and Mission Garage is just two blocks away.


There's plenty of natural light, and a warm, but simple decor with photographs by Director , and original artwork by Bay Area artists Mel Adamson and Mike Kimball.


When you enter our suite, you will be in our waiting area. If you are early for your appointment, feel free to take some time to do whatever you need to do: make sure your cell phone is off, use the restroom and help yourself to some water.


About Us and Our Work



Stephanie Shindler, CMT

Stephanie Shindler, Certified Massage Therapist, San FranciscoWith over 10 years in the web development field, Stephanie was drawn to bodywork by the desire to find a balance between the intellectual and the intuitive. She graduated with an Associate Degree from New York's Swedish Institute with over 1,200 hours of study in Anatomy, Kinesiology, Pathology, Neurology and hands-on practice in Western and Eastern modalities.  On the West Coast she has studied Esalen Massage and Deep Bodywork at the Esalen Institute.


Her bodywork approach is a unique balance of the technical and intuitive, and comes from a belief that body work can help replenish our energy as part of a path to well-being and self-awareness. She sees the massage therapist's role as one of compassionately creating space for the client's experience -- a pause in the daily distractions that consume our vitality and an opportunity to listen to one's body.


Stephanie is grateful to her Kung Fu instructor, yoga teachers, and all the body workers that have given her the gift of self-exploration and have inspired her to pass it on.



Mary F. Jenn, CMT

I came to massage after years of getting bodywork to alleviate pain from old injuries. There have been times that I was in so much pain that I couldn't get out of bed, so I know what it's like. My work is a bit unconventional, and is informed not only by classes I've taken, but by work that I have experienced, and has worked! Fortunately, I have never taken pain killers or had surgery.


I received my professional massage therapist certification in August of 2002 from Phillips School of Massage in Nevada City, CA. My education there included a clinical internship, as well as experience working with the special needs of seniors, sufferers of PTSD and outpatient oncology patients. Since then, I worked at International Orange—a busy San Francisco spa, and APEX Fitness—a Financial District personal training facility. Between those two facilities, I was able to further hone my skills and gained experience with pre-natal massage, as well as the special needs of all sorts of athletes, including runners, dancers, bodybuilders and yogis. I have since taken workshops all over the Bay Area and United States, including a Rotator Cuff workshop and a Cadaver workshop, where we were actually able to see the muscles and their attachments.


The field of bodywork and massage is so vast and it never ceases to fascinate me. Therefore, I am constantly seeking new ways to more deeply understand the structure of the human body and the body/mind connection. So along with reading books on massage, I've also taken continuing education classes at both the Body Therapy Institute in Palo Alto, The Neuromuscular Institute in Boston, and the San Francisco School of Massage and am certified in Trigger Point Therapy.


I graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor's degree from San Jose State University in Studio Art, Computers in Fine Art. During and after college, I worked in technology as a web developer and still enjoy working on my own website. I have also have taken classes in Ruby (RoR) programming, and workshops in User Interface Research. Prior to doing bodywork, I was a top-performing Advertising Account Executive for over 10 years, a Lead Web Developer, Desktop Publisher & Graphics Producer for nearly that long, and have worked various office, retail, management and service industry positions throughout her life, sometimes simultaneously!


I consider life a great adventure and have learned to make made glass beads, worked at a ski resort so I could snowboard every day, spent a week on a sailboat in Greece, stayed with a Family on Amantani Island on Lake TitiCaca, Danced Tango in Buenos Aires, and did some extra work in L.A.--was even in an Arnold Shwarzenegger movie! I am much older than I look! ;)


In my spare time, I enjoy working on a cool new massage tool I am developing, writing Ruby code and keeping up to date with what's new in tech, making homecrafted massage and bodycare products, studying holistic nutrition, human nature, exercise & massage techniques. Oh, then for the fun stuff: hiking & trail running, traveling, yoga, and bicycling and spending time with friends.




It seems that everyone knows massage is a great way to relax. But why is it? I believe that massage is about more than just working out the knots—it's also a great opportunity to take a time out from our busy lives as workers, family members, friends and parents; to not have to do anything or be anything, but to just be. And breathe.


Finally, I never consider myself a "healer" because I believe we each have our own innate ability to heal. It's my place to merely be a facilitator in your healing process. And while it may seem that what I am doing through my work is very healing, I see it as an interactive relationship. Since everybody's different, that means different things for different people. As I always have, I will do everything I can to support my clients in achieving optimal wellness, and will always be glad to share any insight or knowledge they ask me for.