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Client Reviews

Below is what some of our clients have been saying. Read more or add your own comments on Yelp and Citysearch.



Antoni B., Barcelon, Spain, said on 08/09/2010:

" This is Antoni B..., the guy you treated last Thursday morning of pain in my left leg. Well, it hurt in the beggining I must say, but after some 30 minutes, the pain faded away, and my leg hasn't bothered me since. I have been visiting Los Angeles during three days and I'm now in San Diego, and my leg and my foot are there, working with no problem. Just wanted to thank you for your treatment which has allowed me to walk around the areas we've visited with no problem at all.  


Thank you so much. Once I'm back in Barcelona, I'll ask my therapist if she knows the trigger point technique."


Suzanne B., San Francisco, said on 02/04/2010:

" I really liked my experiences at True Massage & Wellness and have recommended your business to others, even as I haven't been too many times myself. I've worked with both you and Andy, and while you're each different, I liked both your work and had in my mind that I'd probably rotate back and forth between you, although in the end I didn't have much room in my budget for massages this past year.


When I came in, I was looking specifically therapeutic massage. I had a lot of back pain, and while we talked about the possible benefit of a chiropractor, I knew I couldn't afford chiropractic work and massages, so I thought maybe I could get a less spa-like massage as a compromise. After a few sessions I did feel much better, and have ever since then. By the time I came to you, I'd let the pain go on too long. Since then I have been going to the gym regularly, which seems to help a lot. I have wanted to schedule another massage in recent months, and was on the website a few times but each time ended up having trouble finding a time that worked with my schedule. I think I didn't try booking far enough in advance. I only had one massage in all of 2009 and it was up in Napa with my mom, so the fact that I haven't been back is not because I've chosen other spas.


I think your prices are reasonable and on target. Personally, I like changing in the massage room as opposed to a big locker room. I also like going downtown for the massage, even as (for me!) it ends up being a bit more expensive with parking and the lure of shopping. I also like the atmosphere, and how sometimes soft, regular music was playing instead of traditional spa music. "


Jon B., San Francisco, said on 02/04/2010:

" I had an appointment Monday evening with Caitlin. It was somewhat last minute and I arrived early. She was able to start early for me and I had a great experience. At the end I was more relaxed than anytime I could remember in the last couple of years. It was great. I felt like she did a complete massage from head to toe and she used techniques that I had never had used before---very impressed. I asked for some deep tissue and her work was with the best I've ever had. I will definitely be back. I liked the location and convenience as well. ! "


Lisa., San Francisco, said on 02/04/2010:

" Mary is a God-send. She not only massaged through the knots on my shoulders and back, but she also gave me pointers on how to lessen the stress on my body. As painful as the session was, I felt so renewed afterwards.


I am more aware of my body since having my session with her. Also, knowing that I'm on a student budget, she recommended another practitioner that she has been training personally, but whose services is closer to my budget. I am thankful to say that I haven't needed Mary's magic touch, but when I do, she will be the first person I call! ! "


Julie C., San Francisco, said on 02/03/2010:

" I've had one session with Caitlin and I absolutely loved the whole massage, since I have chronic neck/shoulder pain from sitting infront of the desk too long. I've been to many places to ease the pain, and I usually end up disappointed coming out of it because it did little to help. In the future, it would be nice to try seeing the other practitioners as well and see their different technique/styles. "


Brian R., San Francisco, said on 02/03/2010:

" The location is quite great - right on Market Street and close to all major bus and train lines. The building is a historic one, so it was nice to see have a reason to go inside of it. When I found the suite where True Wellness is located, I was surprised at the atmosphere - while it is primarily non-descript, small offices there was still a peaceful calm within the waiting area. Andy greeted me and I sat for a moment to wait. As it was my first time, she gave me some instructions as far as undressing for my comfort and we discussed in detail the nature of my injury, where I still had pain, and where I would like her to focus her work. I felt that she was an exceptionally good listener and would incorporate my specific needs into the session. The bed/table was warmed from inside and with the blankets on top, it was a great treat to begin relaxing. The massage itself was thorough and I felt like I received attention in the places where I required it - my shoulders and neck had been tight and Andy explained how I could help that in the future while she did Trigger Point Therapy on the site. Not only was she treating the immediate tension, but she was offering ways to fix it down the road - I thought this was great. She also explained how the musculature of my leg worked, which was also a great help as far as my injury is concerned. All in all, I feel that my hour with her was excellent. I was comfortable the entire way through, was able to relax for a long stretch of time, and I was able to learn how to keep my body feeling better. For almost the entire day after my appointment I felt more in harmony with my body, more at ease in the world, and a huge amount of relief from my chronic pain. I would absolutely return for another appointment with Andy. "


Gianni., Milan, Italy, said on 02/03/2010:

" I am Italian and I live in Milano, Italy. I was in San Francisco last September 2009 and I booked a massage with Andy: fantastic!!! I wish I could come again to your Center but it is a little bit too far from home!! Be sure that in case of a new vacation in San Francisco I will visit you!!! Yes, I will!!!


Say hallo to Andy (just in case she remembers me, I will undergo an operation to my right shoulder next May)."


Chloe A., Los Angeles, said on 02/03/2010:

"Whoo hoo!


I only have positive things to say! !


I love coming to your studio, Caitlin is just the best! After years of looking for a massuese I finally found someone who really makes a difference in how I feel in a long term way. !


I also appreciate that there isn't that 'spa' atmosphere which I loathe, it feels unassuming in a good way, a very casual, comfortable place."


Phillip T., San Francisco, said on 02/03/2010:

" I have had about 3 visits with Andy. I have tried a lot of massage therapists in my life and I have to say that she is one of the best I've ever had! So often the massage you get is light and lackluster... Not with Andy. She takes time to listen and actually applies what you tell her into the massage.


A rare trait these days.


I actually wished I can find someone like her up in Portland, where I live. I like the online scheduling system and frequent deals sent out on twitter. I think you folks are definitely doing it right. Keep up the good work:)."


Sue Z., San Francisco, said on 02/03/2010:

" I've only been to True Massage & Wellness once, not because the massage wasn't good, it was one of the best I've ever had, but because I only actively go for massages when I'm in dire need :)


My massage was with Caitlin. I was very impressed with the massage and attitude, so much so, I took the time to go to Yelp to review, which I don't do often. :)."


Shelley B., San Francisco, said on 02/03/2010:

" I've been to True Massage about 3 times now and all experiences have been absolutely amazing. I've had massages all over the world and seen many practitioners, but I'd say my best massage yet was from your Caitlin. And I'm not just saying that! :) I seriously have never been worked on so well! When I had Andy, I didn't think a massage could get any better, but after I saw Caitlin - I was blown away by her intuitiveness. Not only is she a great masseuse, but a true healer. My body felt so liberated after my massage. She even gave me some stretching tips and suggested I focus attention to areas of my body I had no idea needed it. I've since done this and notice an immense difference in the way I feel every day. If I could afford it, I'd see you guys every week! :)."


Jillian A., San Francisco, said on 02/03/2010:

" I saw Andy for bodywork with emphasis on a sore spot near my lumbar spine. It was a great massage. Before she began she was very communicative in finding out what type of massage I liked and what the trouble spots were. The massage was strong and deep and I left feeling great. During the massage she was focused on the work and would check in with me about various sensations in the trouble spots as she worked them out. It seemed to accelerate the healing in my back and soon I was able to go back to yoga class."


Amireh ., New York, said on 02/03/2010:

"I have had two massages, from different practitioners, and they were both wonderful! I have had many massages from other places in the past, but what makes these two massages memorable and very effective, is that these practitioners were so in tune with my body and were able to locate my problem areas without me having to point or groan. Sure, the new massage factories are cheaper and you can basically walk in and get a massage on the spot, but what True Massage and Wellness offers is a skill, a true art form, that no factory can live up to. I am a loyal True Massage and Wellness customer. I won't let anyone else knead my knots!"


Christine C., San Francisco, said on 02/03/2010:

" It's been a long time since my first visit with you but I remember the session vividly and fondly. It was one of the best massages I've ever had-- and I've had many. It's rare that yelp reviews can be so accurate, but these really were and I'm glad to have found you. You did an amazing job of melting all my knots, educating me on my body and I still remember the massage tool you suggested for in the office. I really appreciated your knowledge of anatomy and just your very 'sure' hands. I floated out of the building that day and it was amazing!"


Donna, San Francisco, said on 02/03/2010:

" The only one time I have been to 'True Massage & Wellness' was 3 months ago. I had an appointment with Mary who I thought was amazingly qualified for the work she did and made me feel like a new person. I would definitely want to make time for a monthly visit in this year. quot;


Julie H., Oakland, said on 02/03/2010:

"Mary is the most amazing massage therapist I have ever found & I have had a lot of massages in my life. She has an intuition that allows her to know exactly what to do to make you feel better. I have chronic back pain & she has used massage techniques on me that I've never had anyone else do (like this under the armpit thing & amazing neck massages) & they are so effective in helping melt away the tension. She is also just a kind & generous person & I feel like she sincerely cares about helping me be healthier & happier."


Adrienne R ., San Francisco, said on 02/03/2010:

" I've been coming to True Massage since last year, and have booked monthly appointments since starting with Andy when I was about 4 months pregnant. I look forward to each appointment as her method of massage not only relaxes me, but it sets me up for a great week ahead! She's very intuitive and I've felt confident from the get-go that she's well trained in what is & isn't appropriate during pregnancy, so I can totally relax and know that I and my baby are literally in good hands"


Jennifer M., San Francisco, said on 02/03/2010:

" I followed Andy Blum from Kamalaspa to True Massage. I LOVE her- she is such a great practitioner, really takes the time to understand the client and assess their individual needs, and tailors her style even to their moods that day. I have brought my sister and boyfriend to get massages from her so I know this to be true beyond just my experience. And to top it off, she is such a positive, warm-hearted, spirited woman. Just a delight, all around."


Coree W., San Francisco, said on 02/26/2010:

" I had such a positive experience with Andy that I raved about her on Yelp sometime ago!

I've yet to try any other practitioner at True Wellness, but I left feeling more relaxed than I'd been in a while thanks to Andy. Tell her to keep up the good work. ;)"


Laura F., San Francisco, said on 03/01/2010:

"I do not get massages often, but when I do I go to Mary. For the few times I have been, I have referred two other people (both whom have gone). I think of it less as a "massage" as that is associated with spa-like rubbing. This was more like a therapeutic intense physical experience.


I really like the general approach of True Massage - things like giving $15 off for those that provide service or are teachers. It really stands out that the philosophy is to help everyone experience a space of healing."


Evan G, San Francisco says on 11/14/2007:

"Thanks so much for giving my dad what was clearly the best bodywork of his life! I've never seen him quite so glowy and happy—it was such a pleasure for all of us to see him that way. —and nearly a month later, he's still raving about the work you did!"


Claudine, San Francisco, said on 04/10/2008:

"I just want to thank you so much for all you did for me. I am feeling so much better! And last night was the first full night's sleep I've had in weeks!


I have recommended you to everyone and anyone who will listen: my co-workers, taxi drivers, baristas...


Take care and thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Evan G, San Francisco says on 11/14/2007:

"Thanks so much for giving my dad what was clearly the best bodywork of his life! I've never seen him quite so glowy and happy—it was such a pleasure for all of us to see him that way. —and nearly a month later, he's still raving about the work you did!"


Alexandra K, San Francisco, said on 11/14/2007:

"You are SO gifted at what you do. I've been to all sorts of doctors, chiropractors—everything—and nobody has ever thought of approaching my issues the way you did.

Even though it hurt a little when you were doing the work, I can now bend over & touch my toes—and I haven't been able to do that for years!

You are a true healer and artist at what you do."


Megan J., Marin, said on 9/30/2007:

"...I went to a new chiropractor and I have been going 3 times a week and Yes it was a rib out!!! I still have scar tissue in there but the rib is back in place.

You have really made a huge difference in my life. I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!

You were the only one that came up with an answer that seemed accurate.

I really appreciate all you have done for me."


CJ, San Francisco:

"With a true love of her work, Mary is an awesome massage professional. She finds the balance between too much pressure and too little to deliver therapeutic massage that helps ease tension, as well as remedy any muscle issues you may have. With personal experience handling chronic pain, she has a special place in her heart for others that suffer the same malady. Excellent work. A true professional."


Parisha, San Francisco:

"I feel like butter.

I lost the power of speech for a while after this massage. I've had a chronic neck, shoulder problem for 13 years and no one has ever worked on my neck the way Mary did today. She hit all the right spots, the spots I didn't even know I had. Plus my job is physical so I have all sorts of knots, pains and tight spots in my body. Mary really went to town to tenderize me."


Isabelle, San Francisco

"I had recently got a new job that was not only stressful but had put me in front of a computer all day. I rode my bike to work as well and rarely took a moment to stretch. My body was taking on so much stress I was in dire need of an excellent massage. Then came Mary. Her massage was honestly the best massage I've ever had. She worked hard on several of my knots leaving me feeling extremely relaxed and totally pain free the next day. I had no idea I could feel so good long after a massage. Mary is also just a genuinely caring, warm human being. The entire experience was worth much more than 5 stars. I will continue to go back again and again."


Journalism Education Association

Mary at the San Francisco JEA Conference, 2006

"Thank you, thank you for all the great service you gave to the teachers. You both are so talented, and I feel very lucky to have found you. Again, we truly appreciated your efforts and will recommend you again...Yes, you were really great for the job!"


Margie Bell
Hospitality Committee of the National Journalism Education Association Convention